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         Different Causes of Hunger
For years I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, migraine headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. I had tried about every “diet” you could think of. On most of the diets I tried, I could lose the weight, but I felt hungry all the time, very tired, and stressed which triggered headaches and dizziness. When I stopped the diet, I would gain all the weight back I had lost and more. Then one day I ran across a diet program which talked about “not getting hungry” while losing weight and improving my health. I decided to give it a try. I learned so many concepts while I applied them. One of the concepts “ The 6 human hungers” I had never heard or thought about before. This one concept helped me to figure out where my hunger was coming from and what to do about it.Once you understand these hungers, you too will be able to tell if you are really hungry or not.

1 Nutritional Hunger

The only true hunger! this hunger is caused when your body is asking for foods that contain nutrients.

2 Thirst

Often times when your body is thirsty, it will communicate hunger. When you feel hungry first try drinking at least 1 8oz glass of water and waiting 10-15 minutes, your hunger may just disappear.

3 Variety

Cravings for “different” foods are a natural way of ensuring we get a range of nutrients in our diet. Maybe when we think we are hungry, we just might need to eat something a little different.

4 Low Blood Sugar

In today’s world, low blood sugar is a common issue and is often mistaken for hunger. This issue can best be dealt with by not consuming low-quality sugars in your diet. Overall intake of sugar, even fruits should be seasonal and limited.

5 Emotional Hunger

This is one of the most common and dangerous forms of dysfunctional eating. People eat memories, so food is often used to satisfy an emotion. The food industry knows how to market to our emotions, so we need to learn to fill our emotions up with other activities.

6 Empty Stomach Hunger

Empty stomach hunger is a survival strategy and it is designed so that when it is empty, you find food and fill it up. However, this is not hunger, it is a feeling.Our stomachs are designed to stretch because we used to live in feast or famine conditions. This is not the case anymore. Our stomachs may feel empty, but remember, it’s just a feeling.


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