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If you’re like most people who believe in The Law of Attraction, you’ve probably thought about how to manifest things you want such as your dream house. 

It’s fun and exciting to imagine having and experiencing the things you want, but you may also be wondering how to make it a reality – especially since it will likely cost more money than what you have at this time?

You’re not alone and I’ve been there too!

I’m going to share a couple of stories and things my wife and I have learned along the way about The Law of Attraction and how using them could help you to attract your dream house.

True Story About The Law of Attraction:

Back around 2012, I discovered The Law of Attraction because of a friend introducing me to a way to make extra money that didn’t require getting another job.  I started helping more people and it was an exciting time because it felt like everything was possible and I could dream about anything I wanted – including a new house!

My wife and I were grateful for the home we have and decided it would be good for us to start looking at houses we’d like in the future.  So we went on the Internet and started searching.  A few days later, my wife came into my home office and looked at my computer.  After seeing an image of a “dream house” I’d found and saved on my home page (great tip I’ll get back to in a moment), she quickly asked, “Where did you get that picture?”

I responded, “It’s a picture of the master bedroom of a house I found and really liked that I wanted to show you.” 

She said, “I know that picture because that’s the exact house I found too!” 

Think about all of the houses for sale in Minnesota and we found the exact house without talking to each other.  Talk about goosebumps!

The picture above is that actual house.

We’ve actually been inside the house and the owners gave us a tour of the property.  Even though we don’t own that house $2 million home YET, we will own it (or one that’s even better) in the future.

So let’s cover some tips to
help you attract your dream home.

7 Steps to Manifest Your Dream House

happy person thinking dream home
Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 1

Start with gratitude

As you likely already know, an attitude of gratitude starts us off with the right vibration.  The first step is to begin by being grateful for all the things you want. 

I realize some people might be thinking and/or feeling, “Things are really hard” or “I don’t have much to be grateful for”. 

You’re not alone and all of us have faced those negative thoughts and attitude.  The key is to pivot to a better thought or feeling! 

Find at least one thing you can be thankful for IF you wanted to.  Maybe it’s the air you’re breathing right now, the ability to read this post, a friend or loved on, or any of the millions things we can be grateful for right now if we choose to focus on them. 

Notice how your spirit immediately lifts when you focus on gratitude!

Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 2

Dream big and let go of how for now

There’s a saying, “If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream BIG.”  As odd as it may sound, this literally costs us nothing, but it can be challenging for most people (including myself from time-to-time) to do.

Think about it this way, your mind and imagination are your playground. You can have, do, and be anything you can imagine.

The reason people often struggle with this is due to the practice of focusing on limiting thoughts and limiting beliefs.  The good news is that you can just let go of the “how” for now.

Don’t worry about how you’ll get the money, time, connections or anything else that might be concerning you.  JUST PICTURE WHAT YOU WANT AND REMEMBER TO DREAM BIG!

Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 3

Visualize it and create your dream board

Our mind is a very powerful tool and thankfully we can achieve the things we can see. 

In step 2, we talked about dreaming big and defining the things you want. Now we’ll want to give our mind a goal to visualize and focus on, so it will go to work achieving the things you want.

You may already have a picture(s) of the house you want.  If you do, print a copy of the picture(s).  Then get yourself a poster board and tape or paste the pictures to the board. You may even want to look for pictures of furniture or things you want to put in the house OR changes to the decor that you plan to make.

If you don’t have pictures yet, start looking for them as you drive or use the Internet to search for the house you want. If you have challenges finding exactly what you want, you can always draw or design the house you want.  It doesn’t have to be built yet because we live in a world of infinite possibilities and you can build it.

Bonus Tip:  Print a picture of yourself and paste it somewhere on the picture of the house you want, so you get used to seeing yourself with the house. Also, click here and I’ll send you a PDF that I found from Jack Canfield with 21 tips of his best tips on how to boost your vision board.


Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 4

Use the phrase “This or better!”

One of the common things that stops people in this process is the thought “What if the house I want isn’t for sale?” or “What if I can get the property in the location I want?”

Here’s a simple phrase that will help, “This or better!”  By using this phrase when you think about the house you want, you’ll be able to manifest the house you want OR an even better version of it. 

How does that feel?  Thinking of this when you picture your dream house allows the “universe” or the higher power you believe in to bless you with the house you want OR one that’s even better!

Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 5

See and feel it DAILY

Once you have your vision board created, next comes one of the simplest and best steps in this process – you get to look at your dream house daily.

You may have heard the saying, “Repetition is the mother of skill” and the skill you are practicing here is allowing yourself to see what you want and connect with the feelings of attracting and receiving it.

At least twice per day (I recommend in the morning and before you go to bed), take time to look at your vision board. Remember, don’t get caught up in the “how” for now – just keep seeing the house you want and focusing on how good it feels as you think about it and see yourself receiving it.

Consider This:  You may want to take a picture of your dream board and use it as your background image on your phone, tablet, or computer to increase the amount of times you see and feel the good things connected to it.

Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 6

Ask better questions

As part of our human nature, you may be tempted to begin asking questions like “How will I ever afford that when i don’t have the money?”

For starters, the answer is always “Yes” so when we focus on what we don’t have – we get more of it. 

Remember, It’s not our “job” to worry about the how.  I once heard someone share, “If you have a desire that’s good for you, good for others, and good for humanity – then you’ve been given everything you need to have or achieve it!”

How awesome is that?  The higher power you believe in will help you to achieve what you want OR something even better as long as we’re willing to receive it, which requires becoming a vibrational match.

If you find it hard to avoid asking the “how” questions, this can help.  One of my mentors, Mark Hoverson, a brilliant entrepreneur who passed not long ago taught me this life-changing question: “What would it take to make it inevitable for me to (insert what you want to do have, experience, etc.)? 

Tony Robbins often says, “The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves.”  Ask better questions and allow your mind to search for the answers!

Manifest Your Best Attract Dream House Step 7

Take inspired action

When it comes to The Law of Attraction, many people mistakenly think they can only “feel” their way to receiving the things they want without requiring any action steps.  That’s not true. 

Feelings are an important aspect of getting the things you want, but so it taking inspired action.

When you consistently become energized and led by better thoughts/feelings AND ask yourself better questions – the inspired action steps will become clear.  It won’t seem or feel like “work” in the usual sense.  It will be exciting and enjoyable as you move closer to your dreams.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need to know the exact plan or steps to get there.  Rather you’ll know the next step, which will lead you to the next step that ultimately results in receiving the things you want.

It’s as much about the process as it is about the destination.  In fact, the process of attracting and receiving the things you want, such as your dream house, will teach the blueprint to attract and receive anything you want in life.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so all you have to do is take consistent inspired steps!

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